Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue Project

The Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue Project or (IBSAR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization joined with Hands For Paws in Florida, dedicated to ending the suffering of abused, abandoned and homeless companion animals in greater New York and Puerto Rico.

Countless animals fill our kill-shelters every year, while thousands of others wander our streets, often succumbing to gruesome fates from poisonings, exposure to weather, disease, cars, torture, neglect, and many other perils.

Working alongside other animal protection and rescue organizations in New York City and Puerto Rico, lBSAR’s goal is to foster responsible and humane behaviors toward companion animals through education, communication, and funding of rescue programs.

The goal is to enlighten people through education and awareness. This organization cares about animals and people equally. Hence, why The Inky Blue Sea Project is fighting to empower communities and future generations with light love and compassion.

By factoring in cultural and economic variables, we find more effective ways of communicating with people to find tangible solutions to animal homelessness and abuse.

Fostering sensitivity and compassion toward other species through education and awareness serves a vital role in the foundation of any progressive, healthy society. Understandably, many people become overwhelmed and turn away from the problem. IBSAR works tirelessly to dispel the notion that some problems will never change.

With the help and cooperation of government agencies, schools, corporations, celebrities, charitable organizations, entrepreneurs and donations, we can make a huge impact on a very dire situation.

The Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the umbrella of Hands For Paws in Florida. Working alongside other animal rescue organizations in New York City and in Puerto Rico, such as the Humane Society, The Center for Animal Care and Control and Amigos de los Animales, the goal of this non-profit is:

    • Humane Education in our High Schools and middle schools in New York City and Puerto Rico. A correlation between animal abuse, family violence and other forms of community violence has been established. A law was passed to implement the humane treatment of animals into the school curriculum in New York. However, there is no law yet passed to enforce this education and it’s up to the alumni of our schools to take this on.
    • Aggressive Spay and Neuter Campaigns
    • Working with senior citizens, people afflicted with health issues, disabilities, low-income families and battered women (on a per-case basis) with specific agencies to help match them up with shelter animals on death row, or simply helping them to sustain the companion animals that they currently live with so that they do not wind up in shelters.

Working with agencies that cover animal shelters and rescues

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