Top 10 Reasons Why So Many People Are Outraged By Cecil The Lions Death

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When Walter Palmer killed Cecil the Lion, the world showed its outrage. Celebrities and civilians flocked to social networking sites to vent their anger and disgust. Following are the top 10 reasons why so many people are outraged by Cecil the Lions death.

Palmer never issued a genuine apology for his actions. Instead, he said that he was sorry but essentially retracted his statement by telling the public how much he loved the sport and that his actions were legal. In short, he did not show any true spirit of contriteness. His failure to truly acknowledge his mistake and the unnecessary harm that it has caused has only served to make people more livid.

Cecil was a protected lion and this should not have been allowed to happen. Given that the two men who helped Palmer on this expedition are facing poaching charges, many people are also angry with the fact that Palmer himself is not facing any charges. All in all, it seems as though wealth and privilege trump the right life.

There is additionally evidence that this is not the first rare and exotic animal that this man has hunted. There is also the fact that this particular animal was part of a long-running Oxford study. Needless to say, there is not just a loss of life to account for, but the resulting loss of invaluable and irretrievable data.

The issue of how animals are being protected in protected environments has also come into question. Now consumers are wondering if it is indeed possible to allow endangered species to continue living in their own natural environments given that there is little respect for their well-being among various elements within the hunting community. Going forward, there is an increased suspicion of how well protected species are actually being managed. A single, well-reported act has certainly contributed to this suspicion and may even result in positive action.

The removal of Cecil’s head brings to mind things that are both gory and horrific. Although this is a common act among trophy hunters, it is an unnecessary practice that is heavily frowned upon by members of the anti-hunting community. Finally, this event reminds people of how many senseless acts of violence are committed against animals each and every day, particularly among the meat-eating community. Thus, not only are people using this as a chance to express their ire for trophy hunting, but many individuals have also begun to advocate diligently for the adoption of meat-free lifestyles.